New Puppy Checklist

The Puppy Hub has many things for your new puppy, but to make things even easier for you, we have drawn up a list of items which are absolutely essential for you to give your puppy a great homecoming.

Most of these are reviewed on this site, but wherever you buy them from, make sure you have everything you need.


  • Food
  • Feeding and water bowls
  • Puppy collar/adult collar & lead
  • Name tag showing puppy’s name, your details, and perhaps your vet’s telephone number
  • Chews and teething aids (to be used under supervision)
  • Poo bags
  • Toilet training pads
  • Suitable toys
  • Training treats (check they are suitable for puppies as some are not suitable until puppies reach 6 to 12 months)
  • Grooming equipment – brushes, combs, towels etc
  • Claw clippers and scissors
  • Shampoo especially formulated for puppies
  • A book on general puppy/dog ownership and training

For your home and garden

For the car