Choosing a Name For Your Puppy

If you are buying a pedigree puppy, your breeder will already have registered its name with the Kennel Club. This is its official name which it will carry for the rest of its life, but this need not influence your choice of name for everyday use.

Choosing your puppy’s name is a decision which can take a long time, or it may take seconds.

It must be a name with which you are comfortable.

It may be a name which is passed on from doggy generation to doggy generation, or more probably it is a name which you will think up.

How to choose a Puppy Name

You may find the pointers below helpful in arriving at your decision:

  • Keep the name simple. Dogs understand brief orders, so short and sweet is best.
  • Names with only one or two of syllables are usually what you should be looking at.
  • A cute name such as Fluffy, Cuddles and Flop-Ears may sound great now, but may not sound too good when calling after a full sizes Mastif!
  • Don’t pick a name which can be confused with an order. (Ray / Stay etc)
  • Don’t be a dedicated follower of fashion. Naming after a pop star may feel good for now, but it may lose its relevance as time passes. Also, if that pop star does anything naughty, the name itself may cause embarrassment.
  • Other people – children and the elderly- will probably have to use the name, so it should be universally acceptable.
  • Always ask before naming your puppy after a family member – and consider the feelings of other (non-named) family members.
  • If you have another older dog, pick a name which is not too close in sound to the older dog’s name. There will be enough confusion without you adding to it!
  • Before you settle on a name, try it out. Keep repeating it to yourself, and see if it is still attractive.If it still feels good, keep it.
  • Don’t forget to give your puppy lots of love and affection when first using the name. Your puppy must make the connection between its new name and you. It will help you to bond so much quicker if you learn together, and future training will be a lot easier.

Have a lovely time with your new friend, and remember, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet! Your puppy will be lovely whatever its name!