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Best Dog Kennels for 2020

An outdoor dog kennel is perfect for any pooches who love to spend their day in the garden when the weather is nice but likes to have a snooze in peace.

They can also offer shelter from sunlight, and any windy or wet conditions if your dog simply refuses to come inside when they should. A kennel also makes a nice addition to an outdoor run or if you have an outdoor workspace and they want to be with you.

These are the best outdoor plastic and wooden dog kennels for your pooch, no matter their (and your) preferences.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Ferplast Domus Kennel
    • Roof unclips for easy cleaning and changing bedding
    • Good strong build once erect
    • Good for small/medium dogs
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    Ferplast Baita 120 Wooden Dog Kennel
    • Smooth wood to prevent injuries
    • Spacious for larger breeds
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    Ferplast Dogvilla
    • Really easy to build
    • Removable roof
    • Ramp for easier entry and exit
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    Top 10 Best Plastic & Wooden Dog Kennels Reviewed

    Ferplast Domus Kennel

    Available in small and medium, this kennel is made from pinewood and has been varnished for protection from wear and tear.

    The vertical panels are a lot sturdier and less likely to become damaged or let in water versus horizontal panelling. The varnished roof will also prevent rapid temperature changes, so if they are outside and the weather is baking hot (for once), it won’t become too uncomfortable in there.

    Strong plastic feet help to elevate the kennel off the ground, so it is better insulated and also won’t be affected by any running rainwater. To finish it off, there is a smooth metal plate around the entrance which protects against wear and also means they won’t hurt themselves with rough edges if they scrape up against it.


    • Roof unclips for easy cleaning and changing bedding
    • Good strong build once erect
    • Good for small/medium dogs


    • Dimensions: Small H56 x W62.5 x L 72cm, Medium H68.5 x W75 x L 82cm
    • Material: Pine Wood

    Ferplast Baita 120 Wooden Dog Kennel

    An XXL kennel for any XXL breeds such as Great Danes or Labradors who are otherwise impossible to buy pretty much anything for.

    It is made from wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests, and the gently sloping roof means any rainwater simply slides off to keep it all dry. Ferplast also uses a special coating on the outer and inner of their kennels, to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

    Plastic feet lift it off the ground which helps with the insulation and positioning. The roof attaches to the kennel via a hook mechanism to keep it secure, but this can be removed whenever needed to clean it all or if the weather is nice enough to leave it off.


    • Smooth wood to prevent injuries
    • Spacious for larger breeds


    • Dimensions: L118 x W65 x H73 cm
    • Material: Wood

    RayGar Plastic Dog Cat Kennel House

    When we say this kennel is small, we mean ‘also-suitable-for-a-cat’ kind of small – and therefore, it is perfect for any Chihuahuas or toy breeds.

    The plastic material makes it perfect to clean and also means less maintenance over the years. With no individual slats and panels, it is less likely to wear away at the edges and doesn’t need further treatment.

    It has a nice large door so they can still see everything which is going on and comfortably bomb in and out when they hear someone coming. As it is plastic, it is also more resistant to chewing if this is something your dog is prone to.

    The raised floor offers better insulation, and the feet are nice and wide so offer good stability. After all, small dogs can cause a lot more disruption than they look capable of! It won’t let in any rain or wind, but there are a number of air vents so they can get a good amount of air.


    • Flatpack with good instructions
    • Nice large door for easy entry


    • Dimensions: W57 x L74 x H66 cm
    • Material: Plastic

    Ferplast Dogvilla

    If your dog has mobility issues, finding a kennel can be hard, especially if you’d rather it was risen off the ground to keep it in good condition.

    This kennel comes with a flip-opening side wall which acts as a practical platform and ensures more space for your animal, too. This more open design would be good if your dog likes to be sheltered but still part of the action and able to see what is happening.

    The ventilation grill lets air in without anything else entering and will keep everything ventilated and dry. The door has an aluminium chew-proof coating, and the roof can be removed if you’d like to give it a monthly clean or change the bedding without having to get down on your hands and knees.

    The plastic is also non-toxic, and the whole thing is easy to assemble without too many tools. It is available in medium, large or extra-large, the latter of which is 111 x 84 x 79 cm but still has that all-important ramp, perfect for a dog such as a German Shepherd.


    • Really easy to build
    • Removable roof
    • Ramp for easier entry and exit


    • Dimensions: Medium W62 x L43 x H45 cm
    • Material: Plastic

    WALTONS EST. 1878 Dog Kennel & Run

    If your dog perhaps needs to be outside in their kennel for longer periods, such as when you have guests or are out of the house, they need somewhere both secure and which gives them plenty of room to stay active.

    A dog kennel with a run is ideal. The run offers them enough space to have a little wander around, and there is a separate section which can be filled with all of their bedding and toys. A little open doorway allows an entry between the two areas, and both ends also have their own external door.

    These doors can be pad bolted to keep them securely shut, and while this shouldn’t be for extended periods, it could be good if your dog wants to be outside in the fresh air but you need to have the side gate open as you come and go for an hour.

    When you buy from Waltons, you get really good service too. A 10 Year anti-rot guarantee means years of good use ahead of you, and all issues will be resolved. It has also been factory dip treated but left unpainted in case you want to do this yourself.


    • Very robust
    • Mesh front for visibility
    • For concrete, slabs or a built timber frame


    • Dimensions: L234 x H127 x W124 cm
    • Material: Wood

    CROCI Recycled Kennel Villa

    We are all a bit wary of our use of plastic, so it is nice to see a product which is plastic yet has used materials which have already been in the recycling journey and are now being put to good use.

    Made of 100% recycled plastic, it is easy to build and also dismantle again if you want to put it away throughout Winter. The material also offers thermic comfort, with protection from extreme heat and cold.

    Side ventilation allows for airflow without the kennel letting in wet or wind, and the grooved interior means that if some water does get in, it’ll pool in the grooves as opposed to making the whole floor wet until it can be dried.

    It would be a perfect kennel for any dogs who like to have a dark, private place to go in between activities in the garden. Available in two sizes, it’ll suit most small or medium dogs.


    • Made from recycled materials
    • Easy to build and disassemble


    • Dimensions: Small 60 x 50 x 41cm, Medium 99 x 70 x 75cm
    • Material: Plastic

    Petsfit Insulated Outdoor Wooden Dog Kennel

    This is a great little kennel with a lot of features which make it a standout for easy use.

    First of all, the slanted roof ensures easy draining and cleaning. It’ll keep the rain off, and the sun will bounce off it too, so your pooch stays comfortable.

    The roof is on a hinge, making it simple to reach in and clean the whole unit or replace bedding/check on your dog. The floor is also removable so it can be taken out for a full clean.

    With a water-based, anti-fungicidal animal- and environment-friendly stain, the wood should remain in good condition for a number of years. Plastic feet keep it off the floor, away from moisture and the cold. It also includes resin door flaps, which keep the rain out and ensure your pooch can be left in peace.

    It is on the smaller side, but larger models are available in a similar style from Petsfit.


    • Solid once together
    • Door flap to keep wind and rain out
    • Easy-open roof


    • Dimensions: 78 x 53 x 58cm
    • Material: China Fir Wood

    StarPlast Large Dog Kennel

    Able to go indoors or out, this large kennel is good for medium dogs who are slightly on the bigger side, or if you have two small dogs who love to cuddle up.

    The whole unit is easy to assemble as it just clicks together. It’s lightweight and thin plastic, so good if you want to be able to move it around with ease. As it is plastic, a wipe-clean does the job and it doesn’t absorb any mess or dirt.

    The roof comes as one piece but can fold in the middle, for an easy quick inspection if you don’t want to have to climb through the doggy door. There are no feet and no lip to prevent any rain getting in, so you may want to place it on a bit of a raised platform.

    You may also need to anchor it if you live in a very windy or stormy setting and it will be outside year-round. But for something lightweight, at a good price and very easy to maintain, it is perfect.


    • Clips together for easy assembly
    • Very lightweight


    • Dimensions: L86 x W84.5 x H82cm
    • Material: Plastic

    Trixie 39530 Natura Dog Kennel

    This is a lovely little wooden kennel which keeps away rain and wind, and also gives good circulation and comfortability.

    The raised feet are height adjustable, and ensure the kennel is insulated and kept in good condition away from damp floors. Mineral surface roofing felt is good at resisting high temperatures and sunlight too, so the inside won’t become too unbearable to be.

    This is the small option, but it is also available in medium, large and extra-large from Trixie. It comes in nine parts to assemble, and while it isn’t the overall strongest, is good if it will be sheltered and is a good budget pick.


    • Good price
    • Simple to build
    • Roofing felt keeps away weather conditions


    • Dimensions: 71 x 77 x 76 cm
    • Material: Glazed Pine

    Pets Imperial Medium Wooden Sussex Dog Kennel

    With a removable floor for easy cleaning, a roof that opens but can be locked down for safety and a draught shield over the door, this is a kennel fitted with a load of nifty accessories for added comfort and ease.

    Aluminium anti-chew strips around the door hole will stop this wearing away or being bitten, further preventing scratches if your dog catches it going in and out. The raised design allows air to circulate under the kennel, keeping the floor dry and comfortable.

    The feet are covered in anti-rot plastic caps, so it is also good for placing on surfaces such as grass without worrying about them becoming damp. The roof folds outwards from the middle to open so the whole thing doesn’t have to be lifted off, which is good for ease.

    There are a few niggles – slight gaps in between the draught shield strips, and it isn’t the easiest to build – but it is a decent price to reflect this.


    • Plastic door flaps
    • Easy to open roof
    • Stable feet


    • Dimensions: W78 x D88 x H79cm
    • Material: Wood

    Buying Guide


    Your dog needs a kennel which is big enough for them to comfortably enter, stand up in and lie down in. This includes stretching out and turning around.

    Measure your dog from head to tail and their height too, and add a generous amount of room on to these measurements. As a general rule, the kennel should be at least 10cm/4″ taller and longer than your dog and allow them to stand, sit and turn around easily.

    Then think about your dog’s behaviour and sleeping style – if they like to be cosy, keep it relatively compact, but if they love to stretch from corner to corner, maybe go for the largest possible size and add more length on.


    The most common options for outdoor kennels are plastic and wood. Plastic is relatively lightweight and able to resist water in rainy conditions. It should also be easier to maintain over time, and resistant to chewing.

    Wooden kennels offer the ‘classic’ look, similar to a garden shed. Most are durable if you spend a decent amount of money, and the thicker wood can be great for insulation and keeping out noises and the wind.


    Whether temporary or permanent, placement is important. The majority have their own floors so you don’t have to worry too much about the surface it is placed on; just ensure it is even and won’t wobble or rock when they are inside.

    If your kennel doesn’t have a floor, keep it away from somewhere that can get wet or water can collect inside. You will probably want to jazz it all up with cushions and blankets, so keep away from mud and dirt too.

    Feet are a good idea, as it allows airflow under the unit to stop it becoming damp and is also easier to insulate. If your chosen kennel doesn’t have any, placing it on a raised platform which is suitable for a shed is fine.

    All outdoor kennels have a roof, and while this protects them from sunlight and any rain showers, you still shouldn’t place them anywhere which can get too hot or wet as it could make the kennel uncomfortable or cause damage.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Can I Use A Kennel Indoors?

    There is no reason why not if you have space. A plastic model is probably the best option, and could also be taken outside or moved around if and when needed.

    If indoors, they are usually used in garages, porches or conservatories as a more solid option than soft beds.

    Do I Need A Door On My Kennel?

    The idea of a kennel is that it allows your dog to come and go as they please, and be outside even if the weather is too hot or cold. Kennels shouldn’t be used as a place to restrain your dog – gardens should always be secure if they need to get out.

    But some people may want a flap which will keep any wind and rain out and make things a bit more private. Some come with one, but if not, individual flaps are available to purchase which are available in a range of sizes which should suit your kennel.

    What Do I Need To Put In My Kennel?

    Blankets or a bed are a good idea to ensure they are comfortable. This also helps with insulation, keeping the whole floor warm.

    They will need water and food if they will like to spend the day in there, and also any toys. Some people may wish to place non-electric heat pads in there, especially over Winter months, or cooling pads in Summer.

    How Do I Insulate A Dog Kennel?

    As well, you could think about some DIY kennel insulation on top of the bedding. For the interior walls, any old carpet off-cuts, blankets, Styrofoam or plastic sheeting can be nailed or stapled to the walls, which keeps out cold weather and also stops it becoming too warm.

    Rubber tiles are available for the base floor of kennels, which are easy to clean and also non-slip.