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Best Catnip Toys for 2020

Catnip has the ability to drive some cats absolutely wild. Combined with toys and other fun elements, you have one excited cat on your hands.

This is the perfect way to encourage them to get plenty of exercise and tire them out so they get enough rest. Playing can also help them to give in to their natural instinct to hunt, scratch and bite.

These are the best catnip-based cat toys out there, which will guarantee hours of fun for your feline.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Pets at Home Catnip Mice Duo Cat Toy
    • Different textures
    • Good size for carrying around
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    Catnip Might Mouse
    • Perfect size for cats
    • Soft material
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    Petstages Catnip Chaser Cat Toy
    • Well-built and sturdy
    • Catnip kept secure
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    Top 10 Best Catnip Toys Reviewed

    Pets at Home Catnip Mice Duo Cat Toy

    Pretty simple on the looks, but very effective on the aim. These two little mice will provide your kitty with hours of entertainment and will fulfil their hunting instincts.

    They are packed full of catnip for maximum smell and impact. Combine this with the bright colours and the furry feathery tails and you have yourself the ideal cat toy.

    When it needs topping up, a simple spray of catnip on the body of the mouse will suffice.


    • Different textures
    • Good size for carrying around


    • Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 3.5cm
    • Colour: Mixed

    Catnip Might Mouse

    Filled with 100% premium catnip, this is an energising toy sure to send your feline to play heaven.

    A host of user reviews say that it is pretty much the only toy that their cat will react too and having to share has even caused a few brawls, so it is safe to say that if your cat likes catnip, it will likely go down a treat with them.

    It has also been the toy which has brought a lot of shy or rescue cats out of their shell. When the catnip goes, a spray or rubbing it in loose leaf catnip should help revitalise it.


    • Perfect size for cats
    • Soft material


    • Dimensions: 15.24 x 4.5 x 5.7cm
    • Colour: Green

    Petstages Catnip Chaser Cat Toy

    The perfect way to combine the appealing scent of catnip with the fun aspect of chasing and interacting, this unit keeps the catnip securely contained in the centre portion so it can’t be accessed by crafty cats.

    The idea of the unit is that they can chase and interact with the disk which goes around in a circle. The bright green and yellow colours are appealing, and it comes with an extra portion of catnip you can keep as spare for emergencies.


    • Well-built and sturdy
    • Catnip kept secure


    • Dimensions: 24.1 x 5.7 x 24.1cm
    • Colour: Green

    King Catnip Banana Cat Toy

    Featuring highly potent catnip which is guaranteed to give your cat quite the buzz, this simple-looking banana can fulfil all of your cats hunting and predatory needs.

    Made from 100% organic cotton, the catnip will last for ages so they will certainly get the money-worth out of the product. While it can’t be replaced, a quick top-up of a spray catnip will give similar effects if the banana is still going strong.

    To finish it off, the bright yellow colour will really stand out for them.


    • Strong material
    • Very potent catnip used


    • Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 4 cm
    • Colour: Yellow

    Willow's Catnip Cat Chaser Toy

    Chaser catnip toys make great additions to your cat’s lifestyle as it combines playing and interaction with the potent fragrance.

    First of all, Willow’s uses very fragrant organic catnip to ensure the best smelling sense and intensity to send your cats into a playing frenzy. This chaser toy is made up of a scratching pad which can get their claws in the best condition possible, and then there is a ball which can be chased for hours.

    The scratcher is made from sisal rope so it will stay intact. To top up the fragrance, sprinkle dried catnip over the surfaces or rub spray into it.


    • 2-in-1
    • Built from strong materials


    • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 5cm
    • Colour: Neutral

    Grumpy Cat Grumpy Smelly Sardines

    Filled with catnip, the felt material of these sardine fish toys is there to attract your cat’s claws, keeping them stretched and in prime condition while satisfying the need for scratching.

    The idea is that they will scratch at the sardines in order to get to the catnip, but don’t worry – it is tough so it can’t be torn open.

    It is official Grumpy Cat merchandise too, so quality is guaranteed.


    • Felt material
    • Packed with catnip


    • Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 4 cm
    • Colour: Blue/Neutral

    Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Centre

    Not all cats are always 100% keen on playing all of the time. Sometimes, they need to get a little bit of their winding down and 16 hour rest time out of the way too.

    This is a massager for their head and neck, and the ergonomic base gives them enough room to lie down and get a full body massage. There’s also a gum stimulator, so they can keep their teeth in good condition in between brushes. Some may argue it is therefore not a toy, but we think it will be the kind of toy those pampered fussy kitties love.

    The variety of textures allows for self-grooming as they relax, and the catnip attracts them to the unit. Start with a small amount and slowly increase until you reach the optimum point so the centre does the job it should.


    • Can groom your cat
    • Controllable amount of catnip


    • Dimensions: 54.6 x 47 x 11.4 cm
    • Colour: Green/White

    KONG Kitten Teddy Bear Catnip Cat Toy

    Featuring both a soft cuddly material build and a crinkle effect when the toy is interacted with, this is the ideal toy for any cats who treat their toys with care and seem to prefer the softer feel in their paws.

    The catnip is inside the bear so can’t be taken out or replaced, but it would work well with a spray catnip or rubbing some loose onto the fur if the smell disappears.

    It is a durable toy, so even if your cat gets a bit overexcited and rough with it or the dog grabs hold, it should withstand. We will say it is smaller than you’d imagine though so if you’re after a huge bear they can cuddle up to it may not be ideal, but it is perfectly kitten sized.


    • Soft material
    • Crinkle sound


    • Dimensions: 18.5 x 5.1 x 9.7 cm
    • Colour: Assorted

    KONG Cat Teaser Snake Catnip Toy

    Cats love long toys such as this snake, as they are a great bonding exercise between them and owner, and they also have to chase and pounce in order to interact.

    This snake does the rattle sound when shaken so your cat has a reaction to the playing, and the natural feathers in place of the tongue also give them a bit of a different texture. The catnip could keep your feline entertained for around 15 minutes at a time, which is enough to wind them up before a nap so you get peace afterwards.

    They could also play with it themselves, as it isn’t heavy so can be thrown by their paws.


    • Long length
    • Bonding toy


    • Dimensions: 106 x 10 x 5cm
    • Colour: Red/Black

    Yeowww Banana

    This is a banana-shaped cat toy filled with nothing but 100% organically grown catnip inside.

    It is made from heavy-duty cotton and coloured using only natural vegetable or soy-based colours, so is completely safe for your cat to use and have in their mouth.

    There are a few other designs available from the Yeowww! team too, but we think the idea of your cat running around with a banana is quite funny…


    • Funny design
    • Colourful


    • Dimensions: 17.8 x 2.5 x 7.6 cm
    • Colour: Yellow

    Buying Guide

    Why You Should Pick A Catnip Toy

    Combining the powerful effects of catnip with a toy means that not only can your cat get actively and mentally stimulated, but they also have a manner in which to get rid of all of that extra energy.

    People may use catnip just sprayed randomly around the house or in small bags dotted about, but cats can often then scratch furniture or run around wildly if they don’t have somewhere to take their excitement out on.

    Catnip toys can also help any shy or rescue cats come out of their shell, as they’re drawn to the catnip and are more likely to interact with the toy.

    Types Of Catnip Toy


    Perfect for cats who love the feel of softer items or who like to cuddle up to their toys or carry them around. The catnip may be replaceable


    The catnip will draw them towards the toy, which will give out another sensation such as noise or lights as well as the smell. Good for managing all of their senses


    Often a circuit which involves a scratching pad, ball chaser and other aspects where the catnip is securely in the centre of the unit and can be topped up or replaced

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Is The Catnip Replaceable?

    Sometimes it is, and there will be a pocket which can be opened in a soft toy or a section which can be refilled in harder toys.

    If the catnip in the toy you have chosen is not replaceable, you can always roll the toy in loose catnip or spray a solution onto it to get the scent back.

    Can Catnip Harm My Cat?

    There is no proof that catnip is harmful at all. If your cat were to ingest or smell too much of it then it could make them sleepy rather than excited or could make them a little nauseous, but there is no proof that it will cause anything more than this. It is non-toxic even when ingested.

    Always check the toys for damage if you’re concerned about them getting into it, and if you don’t know how your cat will react to catnip you may wish to test it out on an existing toy before buying a dedicated one.

    How Much Catnip Should I Use In A Toy?

    They all hold various amounts. It is thought that cats can smell catnip at a ratio of 1:1 billion in the air, so always start it small and increase slightly if the reaction wears off.

    Some toys can hold an adaptable amount of catnip, so purchase one of these if you’re unsure how much it will take for your cat at first. If using a spray, one squirt should be enough.