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Best Cat Litter Mats for 2020

Cat litter mats can prevent the area around your feline’s litter tray being overrun with cat litter, and can also stop it sticking to their paws and being carted through the house as they rush to have a nap on the sofa.

There are so many out there depending on your needs and the toilet habits of your kitty, from a choice of materials and sizes to the option of designs and colours. We have helped you by picking out some of the best available to buy online.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat
    • Outer lip so no litter comes off the mat
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    Trixie Cat Litter Tray Mat
    • Non-slip base
    • Choice of sizes
    Check Price
    Pets at Home Semi-Circle Litter Mat
    • Smaller compact size
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    Top 5 Best Cat Litter Mats Reviewed

    PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat

    With a choice of large and extra-large, this is a fabulous mat for anyone who is at their wit’s end about how those pieces of litter can end up that far away from the tray all the time.

    It is one of the best for anyone who wants to keep everything as clean as can be, made from silicone so it can be wiped down after every tray use. It is also suitable for use with a vacuum or brush. The recesses and outer lip keep all of the litter contained in one place, and it is visible too so there’s no risk of any being left behind when you come to remove it.

    The silicone material is soft, so your cat is more likely to walk on the mat and clear their feet of any litter as opposed to jumping over it due to an uncomfortable texture. Anti-slip traction on the base will ensure it stays in place on hard floors as well.


    • Outer lip so no litter comes off the mat


    • Dimensions: Large 67 x 55 cm, X Large 96.5 x 66 x 1 cm
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Silicone

    Trixie Cat Litter Tray Mat

    Available in both small and large sizes, this is a helpful mat to keep the mess at bay. The texture is a little rough to provide friction and capture any bits stuck to paws, and the back of the mat is anti-slip so it is good for keeping the tray and your pet safe on hard flooring.

    Other reviewers have said that it washes in the machine just fine on a low wash, which is good if your cat is prone to accidents but is also fussy about having a clean environment. To top it off, it is one of the best budget mats out there. While it won’t capture absolutely every bit of litter, the difference it makes for the price is great.


    • Non-slip base
    • Choice of sizes


    • Dimensions: Small 37 x 45 cm, Large 40 x 60cm
    • Colour: Grey/Anthracite
    • Material: PVC

    Pets at Home Litter Mat

    Able to keep the entire area around your cat’s tray clean at all times, this larger mat will capture any litter particles on their paws before they are trudged through your home.

    Just shake the litter off before you vacuum the area to keep it all clean and dust-free for your pet, and the waterproof capabilities mean any dirt can be wiped off and it has the ability to dry thoroughly before use again.


    • Bigger size


    • Dimensions: 0.5 x 89 x 59cm
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: PVC

    Pets at Home Semi-Circle Litter Mat

    You need a mat which will get the litter off Frank’s paws before it ends up all down the stairs, but a lot are just too large and unsightly.

    A semi-circle mat looks a bit less in-your-face and could be great for smaller spaces as well. The small PVC fibres are best at catching smaller particles or dust from the likes of clay litter as opposed to large pieces of woodchip or silica gel which could be better with a rubber mat, and the size is best for cats who only make a tiny bit of mess, but overall it is great for the cost.


    • Smaller compact size


    • Dimensions: 59 x 39 x 0.5cm
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: PVC

    Dracarys Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

    With deep grooves and a mesh material which should be able to get those pesky pieces of litter off all four paws, this is a dual-layer mat that’s easy to care for as well as being great at doing the job at hand.

    The material is soft foam and is substantial so not easy to tear with claws or moving about. It will also be friendly to their paws. Waterproof, any urine will be prevented from reaching your floor, which is particularly vital if you have wooden flooring or carpets.

    To clean it, just open the edge out and tip the litter away – no brushing, vacuuming or wiping needed. The whole mat can be cleaned with water to leave it fresh and ready for the next toilet trip.

    Some larger pieces of litter won’t pass through the holes to the bottom layer due to the size, but should still be caught by the rubber material anyway.


    • Dual layered for easy care
    • Non-slip


    • Dimensions: 55 x 34.8 x 2cm
    • Colour: Black
    • Material: Rubber EVA

    Buying Guide


    The majority are made from either PVC, rubber or silicone. This makes them easy to clean and hygienic, as opposed to using something like cotton or wool.

    The former is often made from the smallest fibres, almost like strings of rubber as opposed to one large flat surface, so could be good for sensitive paws. It essentially means there are smaller holes on the surface.

    The rubber/silicone mats usually have slightly bigger holes or grooves so can be better at trapping larger litter particles due to the grooves in the surface and can be more hygienic.

    Also bear in mind that your cat may be fussy when it comes to what they walk on. Some prefer softer cushioned surfaces while some aren’t fussed. Either way, you don’t want them to just jump over the mat or avoid using the tray altogether.

    Your Cat Litter

    The material you choose may also depend on the litter you use. Fibre and soft materials are best for trapping dustier litters such as clay or woodchip, where the particles can be too small to fall into mesh or holes.

    But if you use silica gel or eco-friendly large particle material, fibres may not be enough to catch them so you could be best opting for the PVC or silicone options with grooves and the ability to hold them.


    You can buy a mat which your tray sits on top of so it surrounds the litter tray, or you can buy one which just sits in front of the tray for when they emerge.

    Either way, measure the size of the tray and the area which you want the mat to cover and try to find the best match possible. Depending on your cat’s habits, you may need one which just captures a few centimetres of scooting or you may need one which comes out quite a way to catch any dust trapped on their paws.


    Very few are 100% waterproof so it isn’t a common word found when looking at cat litter tray mats. In the majority of cases, they don’t need to be waterproof, but your cat may have issues urinating into their tray or could simply prefer to go on the mat.

    If so, look out for one which does explicitly say it’s waterproof. Many dual-layered options are the best at this. It will protect the floor underneath from accidents which is vital particularly if you have wooden flooring. You may also wish to place down newspapers or towels underneath the area if it is a big problem.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Why Do I Need A Cat Litter Mat?

    The process of your cat using their litter tray can be a messy one. From them scooting their litter everywhere when trying to cover everything up, to bits of dust and litter sticking to their little paws.

    This can mean that the area around the tray can become dirty and unsightly. Having a mat down can not only keep mess and damage to flooring/carpets at bay, but it also makes it easier to keep the area sanitised and clean for your cat.

    Many mats also trap the litter, so it doesn’t end up spreading all over the floor and is removed from paws as soon as possible. Mats can also capture if your cat has any accidents outside of the box.

    Hooded or lidded cat litter trays go a long way to keeping mess reduced, but the only way to fully prevent any tracking or mess is with a mat.

    Which Cat Litter Tray Mat Is Best For Me?

    There are a few options for you. You may want a mat which just sits in a problem area, such as the entrance to your hooded litter tray where those tiny pawprints appear, or you may want one which the tray can sit on and surrounds the area if scooting or accidents are the problem.

    There is also a choice of materials as mentioned above and designs too if you’re fussy about it all looking a certain way, such as a fun twist or wanting everything plain and black.

    Where Do I Place A Cat Litter Mat?

    The main objective is that the mat is used to capture bits of litter stuck to paws, so place it outside of the tray as your cat would walk away from the tray and ensure all four paws will touch the mat. This will involve a lot of trial and error at first.

    You may also wish to put the tray on top of the mat to capture any scooting, although using a lidded tray will be best to reduce this.

    How Do I Clean The Mats?

    A huge factor you should consider before buying is how they are cleaned. Cats love clean areas, so it is important to keep their tray and the surrounding area free of dirt.

    Many can simply be vacuumed directly, or you can shake the bits off onto the floor and vacuum as normal. We’d always say to use the hose and nozzle on your vacuum cleaner to prevent any breakages or issues.

    Some rubber materials can be wiped clean, which is good if you want them to be sterilised and bacteria-free. There are a few soft fibre mats which can be popped into the washing machine or hand-washed, but check before you buy as some could be too fragile for excess moisture.

    We like dual-layer mats, where you have to open the mat up like an envelope and you can then pour the litter into a refuse bin. This is one of the best options for anyone who doesn’t like the sound of their vacuum combining with litter.

    Why Are There Holes In Cat Litter Mats?

    This is so the excess litter is held safely in place on the mat as opposed to being free to be knocked back onto the floor.

    There are several sizes of holes available. Smaller ones are best at trapping dust or smaller particles from clay litters for example, while larger ones can hold other varieties such as crystal or wood pellet.

    Large holes also offer a second purpose – they encourage your cat to spread their paw pads out, freeing any bits of litter trapped in between toes or the pads. This makes it less likely you will find small bits of litter miles away from the tray, or that they will ingest it when grooming.