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Best Cat Food Bowls for 2020

All cats deserve the best, and they will let you know if they are not happy with their food, bed or toys. Another factor you need to consider is whether their food bowl is right for them.

Not only will the perfect cat bowl make them happy, but it could also help to keep your cat healthy and always ready for mealtime. You may even want to purchase one which helps to control their weight, or that you can connect to an app.

These are the best standard, speciality and unique cat food bowls around, which we have selected to cater for all of the ordinary, fussy, patient, and quick eaters out there.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Catch Cat Feeder
    • Designed to extend eating times
    • Based on outdoor foraging
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    Hamkaw Transparent Double Bowl Pet Feeder
    • Antibacterial
    • Perfect design
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    SureFlap SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder
    • Controlled eating
    • Full app monitoring
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    Top 10 Best Cat Bowls Reviewed

    Catch Cat Feeder

    Making mealtimes a bit more difficult for your moggy could help them to control how much they eat, as well as preventing any digestive issues which come from fast- or over-eating.

    Slow feeders aren’t just for weight-control cats, though. This would be a great dish if you want to make the occasional meal a game for your cat, to keep them entertained and get that hunting instinct to kick in.

    It is modelled on tufts of grass to help replicate foraging, and the size and height of the spikes have been specially designed to make it hard for the cat to get the food (but not impossible, obviously).

    Dishwasher safe, you can use both wet and dry food with it, and it is made from hard plastic so could also be used outside.


    • Designed to extend eating times
    • Based on outdoor foraging


    • Dimensions: 7 x 27 x 24cm
    • Colour: Purple

    Hamkaw Transparent Double Bowl Pet Feeder

    Cats may need an elevated feeding station for one of many reasons. They may be quite large so struggle to bend down to the floor, or they could struggle to stand to eat so preferably need to sit. Maybe they have suffered a back or neck injury, so need to remain relatively still and upright.

    This feeding station isn’t just elevated though. Each bowl is also tilted at a 15-degree angle, so it would suit cats with flatter faces who struggle to reach down into an ordinary dish too. An anti-slip silicone base is perfect for keeping it still no matter how stuck in the moggy gets as well.

    Each dish is relatively secure in the stand too and needs to be twisted to both remove and replace it for washing, so it isn’t going to result in tipped over food after every meal. The fact they are made from non-toxic plastic materials will also ensure they don’t gather bacteria or harm your cat over time.


    • Antibacterial
    • Perfect design


    • Dimensions: 29 x 14 x 7.5 cm
    • Colour: White

    SureFlap SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

    Everything has a ‘smart’ version these days, and your pet’s food bowl is no different. While many things are more fad than fab, this one is actually genius.

    It reads the microchip on your cat and will only open for them, so if you have a few cats who always fight over food or one who is stealing the food of another, this could solve the issue. Say Petal is left hungry while Pedro seems to be piling on the pounds – he will no longer be able to steal any food or eat more than he should be.

    It will also combat any cats eating food they can’t have, such as if they are on a grain-free diet but always have a few bites of their sibling’s nice grainy option and end up ill because of it.

    But it isn’t just for thieving felines. The beauty of the Sure PetCare app connection means you can see when your animal is feeding, how much they are eating and how often, plus how much food is in the dish and when it was last filled. This could be great for any cats you are concerned about, either for over or under eating, or if their welfare is at the hands of your kids while you have a weekend away and you want to ensure they’re looking after the cats properly.

    There are also integrated weighing scales, so you can precisely measure out each serving. This level of monitoring will allow you to pick up any changes in behaviour, especially with any cats who don’t like to be watched when eating.


    • Controlled eating
    • Full app monitoring


    • Dimensions: 21.5 x 22.7 x 31cm
    • Colour: White

    Petkit Smart Antibacterial Pet Bowl

    When you need to monitor how much your cat is eating in terms of food weight, it can be both difficult to get it right and a real mess to sort it all out.

    This bowl features a built-in weighing scale display, so you can get it right down to a tee. No need for separate scales, or for washing up ten million different bowls when one will do. It will convert into a chosen unit, so you can even use it for water if needed.

    Made from BioCleanAct antimicrobial plastic, germs and bacteria are eliminated, so if your cat is already ill with a weak immune system and on certain foods, they won’t end up suffering as a result of their food bowl.

    This is also waterproof, so it is good to wash and will clean up really well. A non-slip base will keep it steady for any over-keen kitties or those who are nervous and the slightest movement could put them off.

    It is smart too, working with the Petkit app to help track calories consumed versus calories burned, giving suggestions on how best to manage this.


    • App compatible
    • Very hygienic
    • Weighs out servings


    • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 6cm
    • Colour: White

    Swanky Paws Personalised Reserved For

    Swanky paws specialise in the personalisation of pet products, and this dish is great if you want your precious bundle of fluff’s name on everything.

    It is available in three different sizes, and the small is best for cats. There is also an extra small for any kittens or cats who need smaller portions. It is a great quality bowl, made from ceramic so is safe for your cat to eat from and also easy to keep clean. Just hand wash when needed.

    We were pleasantly surprised by the price, too – it certainly looks a lot more expensive than it is.


    • Name of the pet on the bowl
    • Strong build


    • Dimensions: 72 x 43 x 21cm
    • Colour: White

    Pets at Home Marble Effect Grey Cat Bowl

    A cheap feeding bowl needs to consider the price, but you don’t want to be buying something which won’t see you through the year or is so cheap that it isn’t good for your cat.

    This one is made from heavy-duty stoneware, so there are none of the problems faced with plastic bowls which can get scratched easily. Because of the thick sides, it is unlikely to chip, and can’t be pushed around by a very fast-eating moggy.

    Not only is it a good material and build, but the marble effect style will match your kitchen perfectly. For any proud homeowner, and the fussiest of felines.


    • Stylish design
    • Strong material


    • Dimensions: 3.4 x 14 x 14cm
    • Colour: Marble

    Petvictus Pedaldish Pet Bowl

    Wasted pet food can make looking after your pet an expensive thing, particularly if it is special food which is expensive to buy in the first place.

    Leaving it out can cause all sorts of issues though, from attracting pests to making the room smell less than pleasant. Having the ability to cover the food when it is finished with yet not restrict your cat from being able to access it when needed is an answer.

    The reason why we also have chosen this as the best sealed bowl is that unlike many others, it doesn’t use electronics to do the job. The lid simply opens when they step on the mat and closes when they leave again.

    An electronic noise of a microchip or sensor flap opening can be offputting for some cats, and we hate to say it, but they can malfunction or run out of batteries when you least expect it. This solves that issue.

    Biscuits and wet food are also kept crunchy or moist, and as there’s no chance of airborne microbes reaching it, there won’t be any mould developing or bacteria. If your cat is nervous, there is a training wedge which overrides the opening mechanism until they are confident around it. Just ensure they are over 2kg so the mat detects them.


    • Keeps food preserved
    • Battery and electric free


    • Dimensions: 13.2 x 18.2 x 31.2cm
    • Colour: Black

    TRIXIE Bowl Set Ceramic/Wood

    This bowl set is slightly elevated, for any cats who need a bit of help reaching their food or for any owners who like to keep everything off the floor in their home and kitchen.

    The robust wooden frame is not only sturdy but also stylish, really looking the part in any environment. It comes complete with two black ceramic bowls, which are good for food and water or for feeding two cats in the same area.

    Because of their material, the dishes can be popped into the dishwasher for an easy clean, and the black colour will allow you to detect any marks left behind. While it is good for both cats and dogs, the height and accessibility mean it is best for larger felines.


    • Elevated off floor
    • Well built parts


    • Dimensions: 6.5 x 15 x 28cm
    • Colour: Wood/Black

    Lindo Feeding Station

    Your cats are best friends and regularly eat next to each other, or maybe even out of the same bowl, without any issue whatsoever. But twice the cat means twice the mess.

    This twin bowl setup will not only save some space in your kitchen but also helps to prevent mess and biscuits going everywhere. Even the neediest of feeders will struggle to coat your kitchen in kibble.

    The bowls sit on a tray with high sides and a little sloping platform up to the dishes, so even if they move away to chew, they won’t spit it out everywhere. They also sit around dedicated spaces, so one won’t nudge their bowl too far into the other’s space.

    It is all made from high-quality grade plastic, so can just be washed in warm pet-friendly soapy water. We will say that the dishes are quite deep so it isn’t good for cats with flat faces, and there are no bases on the bottom of the tray so you’ll have to buy a mat to stop it moving on a wooden floor.


    • Sloping platform
    • Little mess


    • Dimensions: 7 x 34 x 44cm
    • Colour: Grey/Red

    No Bend Pet Bowl

    Never mind about your cat struggling to reach down to eat. What about when it comes to you having to bend down, pick them up and then place them carefully down again so as not to spill it all?

    There’s no need to bend, kneel or reach with this handled pet bowl set. The original of its kind, there is an extendable handle which goes to 28″/72cm, plenty for you to comfortably grab it without issue.

    Dishwasher safe, there is no difficulty cleaning it up either. And the non-slip base means it won’t move around when your pet is eating, which could result in a mess which – you guessed it – you’d have to bend down and clear up.

    The handle can be removed if your cat isn’t so sure about going near the dish with it fastened, and you can easily just pop it back in when the time comes. Because there are two bowls, you can use one for water and one for food, use both for food if they need a bowl larger than 6” across.


    • No picking up needed
    • Good for all types of food


    • Dimensions: 72 x 43 x 21cm
    • Colour: Red, Blue

    Buying Guide

    What To Consider Before Buying A Cat Bowl


    Cats don’t like to stick their head too far into a bowl to eat, as it could be too straining for them and mean they can’t monitor what’s going on around them a shallow bowl which is wider may help if you need a large capacity. This is especially relevant to flat-faced cats, such as Persian breeds


    Most bowls will hold enough for about two or three cups of food, which should do your cat once or twice depending on their portion sizes. But if you prefer to fill a bowl up and leave it for the day so your cat can go back to it when they want, or you maybe will have a few cats who share, you may want to look for a larger one


    Many specialists recommend that you avoid cheap plastic bowls which can be picked up for under £5. They can become easily scratched, and therefore when they are washed, not every little bit of bacteria is removed.

    This build-up of bacteria and oils can actually cause cat acne, which are little black spots on your cat’s chin and is not pleasant for them.

    Any plastic bowls which we have featured are speciality bowls and will be pretty scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Ceramic and steel are the best options if you want something as clean as possible, but still on a budget.


    The cost of a food bowl can vary anywhere between £1 up to over £100, which is a huge scope.

    Those at the lower end will often be plastic, and as you read above, this isn’t always ideal. They can be flimsy, too, meaning they could need to be replaced often.

    At the higher end is the smart bowls, with sensors and automatic feeding schedules. You may also find some designer cat bowls at this end, for the real pampered felines.

    If just an ordinary bowl will do, you don’t have to spend over £10 for a ceramic or metal bowl which is suitable, but if your cat needs a medical bowl or one which can connect to an app, it could be worth investing so it isn’t money wasted down the line if it breaks or isn’t as good as you hoped.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Where Should I Put My Cat Food Bowl?

    Before you buy, you will need to consider where is best to place the bowl and ensure there is plentiful space around it, which could restrict the size of bowl you buy.

    Keep them away from litter boxes for obvious reasons, and ensure they are in a relatively private spot so they aren’t disturbed by passers-by or other animals when eating.

    If you have two cats, a twin bowl set is a good idea, but be aware some cats are rather territorial so may not appreciate eating next to another cat, even if they are best friends. For this reason, ensure there are enough places should they need to be separated.

    How Often Do I Have To Wash A Food Bowl?

    They should be washed daily. Bear this in mind before buying. Not only do you want something which is actually washable, but you will want something which is easy for you to clean, too.

    Do I Need A Food Bowl?

    Most cats will eat out of a bowl, and it is a really good way of allowing them to eat as much as they need to rather than being left short.

    There are other ways to feed your cat, however, and actually, it could be good to have several methods to hand. Cat food puzzles, or hiding pieces of food in different places and allowing them to ‘hunt’ it, is a good way of keeping them entertained and their brains active.

    Obviously, if your cat is on wet food, stick to a bowl.

    Do I Need Anything Else?

    A pet bowl mat is a good idea. Even if the bowl has non-slip feet, a mat can keep it in place and also catch any little dribbles or stray bits of food. They can either come in fabric which usually is self-cleaning and absorbent, or is wipeable.