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Best Cat Beds for 2020

A cat sleeps on average sixteen hours per day, so if anybody in your home needs the perfect bed, it is definitely your feline friend.

Cat beds can be a great way to ensure your pet feels comfortable and secure in your home. It offers them a dedicated space, often nice and compact so they can get cosy and warm and be by themselves if they need to escape a busy home.

But of course, some cats may prefer to stretch out in the open and be able to see everything going on around them. One may like warmth, and another prefers to be a bit cooler. Cats can even be fussy about materials and smells.

The best cat bed for your pet will depend on their sleeping habits and personality. Below, we have included the best open beds, enclosed beds, beds with a fun design and beds suitable for cats who are well and truly spoilt, tested against what you need the most as the buyer.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Wainwright's Adventurer Cat Igloo Bed
    • Removable inner pad
    • Washable
    • Largely covered
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    Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed
    • Easy clean
    • Nice high sides
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    Petkit Smart Cozy Pet House Bed
    • Temperature monitoring
    • App connectivity
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    Top 10 Best Cat Beds Reviewed

    Wainwright's Adventurer Cat Igloo Bed

    Igloo. Cave. Indoor cat house. However you would refer to a bed with four walls and a roof, this is basically the best one we found.

    A lot of others are still quite open, but this one provides the perfect hidey-hole atmosphere. Just enough room to get in, but mostly covered so they can really get that precious shut-eye.

    It is cosy too, with a removable plush inner pad which can help to keep them warm in the colder months. The cover can be washed in the washing machine, so your cat has a clean environment too.


    • Removable inner pad
    • Washable
    • Largely covered


    • Dimensions: 42 x 38 x 38cm
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Polyester

    Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed

    When your kitty wants something in which they can hide away, but the idea of a roof over their head is a bit too much for them, an enclosed bed is ideal.

    It is made from thermal sherpa fleece, which is self-warming and will keep them snug in the cold. A removable inner cushion means it is easy to wash, so you can stay on top of this and provide a clean environment.

    Covered with the Danish Design famous paw print pattern, it is also stylish in case you’re concerned about your living room as well as their comfort.


    • Easy clean
    • Nice high sides


    • Dimensions: 42cmø
    • Colour: Light Brown
    • Material: Fleece

    Petkit Smart Cozy Pet House Bed

    You’re thinking “Why on earth would I need a smart cat bed?” aren’t you? Well, hear us out.

    There are infrared sensors so you can monitor when your cat leaves and enters the bed, and therefore gives you a time spent in the bed total. This is good for anyone worried that their cat is spending too much time asleep which could be a sign of illness, or indeed not enough time in bed which could be a sign that they’re uncomfortable with its positioning or they’re feeling threatened.

    A sleeping calendar is made, so you can identify how and when your furbaby likes to sleep. Say they always enter their abode at 7.32 pm for a rest – you will know to clear the room and leave them in peace in preparation.

    Then there is the temperature monitoring, which gives you the choice of seven different heats. From warm to cool, you can change the temperature in winter and summer so they are comfortable, or even adjust depending on the breed (Ragdolls will need less heat than a Sphynx, for example). All this, without even the slightest noise of a fan or heater.


    • Temperature monitoring
    • App connectivity


    • Dimensions: 38 x 43 x 42.3cm
    • Colour: White
    • Material: Plush, Plastic

    Little Rascals Night Night Oval

    Kittens and young cats need a bit of extra plush comfort and warmth, a bit of extra space to adapt their own sleeping style but a bed in which they can come in and out as they please.

    This one is so plush that we are in fact a little bit jealous. The super-soft lining is fit for a king, and the faux suede outer lining is simple to keep clean. When it comes to machine washing, just pop it in at 30 degrees and you’re good.

    It is a great bed to help get young pets used to beds and positive reinforcement if you are going to be training, too. They will grow out of it as it is very small, but is the perfect first bed.


    • Washable
    • Very sturdy and strong to cope with damage


    • Dimensions: 47cmø
    • Colour: Grey/White
    • Material: Plush, Suede

    Purrshire Felt Cat Stool House

    If your cat likes being up high but you don’t want to start fastening beds to the wall or hanging them over radiators, then a stool house could still give them everything they need.

    The bed area is covered in soft, durable felt for a soft and warm feel, and the general base and build is flakeboard and wood so it is sturdy enough for them to safely use. The pod is a good size for cats to comfortably use, and the entrance is large enough for them to safely jump into. When they decide to grace you with their presence again or want to look at all of the commotions outside, they can look out without having to come out of the pod.

    It isn’t just great for your cat, but also your home style. With a Nordic touch, it is perfectly modern so isn’t going to be an eyesore. We will say it is best against a wall or other surface however, to avoid it tipping when your cat jumps in and out.


    • Very sturdy legs
    • Plush inner
    • Nice spacious opening


    • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 53cm/Opening 22 x 14cm
    • Colour: Grey, White, Wood
    • Material: Wood, Felt

    Vetbed Original

    Vetbed is one of the leading brands in the open cat bed/blanket world. While they are mainly made for young kittens, older cats and those with medical issues, we think that it is perfect for any cat.

    It is machine washable and quick-drying, so great for those with fussy noses and grooming habits. Because it is basically just a blanket, it can be placed anywhere so is adaptable, whether that is on the floor or sofa. The non-slip backing means it won’t move, unlike a blanket.

    Great at retaining heat, it will allow them to snuggle up and stay warm or stretch out to get the air at their tummy, which is great throughout the year. And it has special water retention properties, so if your cat has accidents then it’ll still stay dry.

    You could also purchase the smaller sizes to fit in cages, travel crates or carriers.


    • Washable
    • Water retention
    • Non-slip backing
    • Choice of sizes


    • Dimensions: X Small 19 x 15"/Small 26 x 20"/Medium 36 x 24"/Large 40 x 30"
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Polyester

    Banbury & Co Luxury Cosy Cat Bed

    A lovely igloo bed, but with a more spacious opening which is ideal for cats who like to have their own private space but occasionally peek their head out to be nosy or spoilt.

    The inner cushion can be removed, for an easier wash. Covered in faux sheep shearling, it is soft and comfortable to keep them relaxed.

    There is a fun teaser toy hanging from the roof, which could provide an incentive for them to enter the bed as well as ensuring you will well and truly know when they have woken up and are ready to tear through the house again.


    • Washable
    • Playtoy
    • Gets warm quickly


    • Dimensions: 47cm x 37cm x 19cm
    • Colour: Cream, Grey
    • Material: Polyester, Nylon

    House of Paws Hooded Arctic Cat Bed

    A nice warm, cosy bed for any cats out there who seem to be attracted to the heat and are fussy about having their own place to rest their head.

    It is really well made, so if you are looking to spend that bit more now and have something which will last it is ideal. There is still enough room for your kitty to look out and see what is going on despite it being a hooded design, and it’s pretty stylish too so won’t look out of place in your home.


    • Washable
    • Faux fur lining


    • Dimensions: 35 x 39 x 37cm
    • Colour: Brown
    • Material: Polyester

    Navaris Small Cat Bed Basket

    Your cat will sleep in anything which adapts to their shape for the ultimate comfort. This basket can do just that, with a really plush base pillow and high woven edge for maximum security.

    The woven rope surface also gives a good material for your cat to knead on, without causing any damage to the surface or their claws. Carry handles make it easy to move around the home without messing everything up too much, such as when you’re off to bed and the cat sleeps upstairs. Why not carry them around when they’re already in it?

    To finish it off, the grey colour and style actually make it a really nice addition to any home, so it’s ideal if you want the comfiest bed possible for your kitty but don’t want to damage your decor too much.


    • Stylish design
    • Conforms to shape


    • Dimensions: 34 x 18cm
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Cotton, Polyester

    Eono Essentials Cat Sleeping Bag

    Now for one for the cats who really, really can’t seem to make up their mind. One day you will find them taking up 99% of your human bed space, and another day they’re curled up in a corner to keep warm.

    This bed is perfect for both needs. They can sleep on the top when they want a bit of a stretch out, or in summer when the thought of a plush furry surface is just too much. Then in winter, or when they want ultimate peace, the bed opens up a bit like a pillowcase to keep them snug.

    It could also be great for a cat who loves to snuggle up on your knee but you hate being covered in cat hair, and the same applies if they sleep on the sofa or human bed, or even on the windowsill. If it gets a bit dirty, you can wash it on a gentle cycle or by hand.


    • Option for both open and closed use
    • Soft on inside and out to retain heat


    • Dimensions: 34.2 x 21.8 x 11.4 cm
    • Colour: Pink
    • Material: Fleece/Velvet

    Buying Guide

    What To Consider Before Buying A Cat Bed

    Most of these points centre around your cat’s behaviour and sleeping patterns, but just as you would think when buying your own new bed or mattress, there are other things to think about too.

    How They Sleep

    Curled up in a ball, with their tail around their body and head tucked under paw, or sprawled out on their side with legs out? If the former, they are probably preserving heat and protecting themselves while they rest as they would in the wild. A smaller, thickly padded bed and perhaps one with a roof on could be the answer. But if the latter, a large mat-type bed with little cushioning, in the open, would suit them best.


    This can depend on your cats sleeping habits, but at the same time, just because your huge Persian curls up very small to sleep doesn’t mean they don’t need a bit of extra room at other times, such as when they just need a bit of time out. You should also ensure they can curl up as they wish rather than restricting their positioning and size too much, so find a happy medium.


    Again, think about their habits. If they seem to like the warmth or soft surfaces, then go for cotton, fleece or wool outer with plenty of padding inside. But colder or hard surfaces could mean a hardwood bed and a blanket could be the answer.

    Also, think about washing it – a removable cover which is machine washable could be good if your cat sheds a lot, or is fussy about cleanliness.

    Types Of Cat Bed


    Also known as Donut beds. Often with a thick padded base and soft walls which hide the cat when they are sleeping. Good if your cat likes cosier spaces but still likes to be out in the open


    Also referred to as ‘cave’ beds, or indoor cat houses. These have a full roof, like a little mini house, and are usually soft. Perfect for cats who like to hide away for ‘me time’. They can be based on the ground or on legs for a bit of height


    A soft pillow, pad or mat with no sides, which is good if your kitty likes to stretch out or be nosy and see the world in between naps


    Usually with a self-healing material on the base, such as foil or faux fur. Good for older cats or colder environments

    Radiator Beds

    These hang on an appropriate radiator. This can give them a heat source, but also means they are off the ground which is good for any cats who like to be up high to escape from the rat race

    Hammock Beds

    Can be attached to a wall or between two areas, for cats who like height and personalising their own sleeping area

    Other Buyers Ask...

    My Cat Scratches/Chews – Which Bed Is Best?

    A bed made from a solid material may be best, such as plastic or wood. You can personalise this with blankets or cushions if they need something softer.

    Check out the materials if you do want a soft bed. Some are made from suede, denim or heavy wool which could be more rigid, with piping as opposed to stitching which is less likely to be broken apart.

    Try to avoid beds with any outer attachments too, such as zip linings, buttons for decoration or decorative stitching.

    Will My Cat Bed Be Easy To Clean?

    Most are – either the whole thing will be machine washable, or the most important base/cushion section will be. The rest is often hand-washable, so will need a wipe when required.

    If your cat sheds a lot, it could be worth buying a pet vacuum cleaner which gets rid of the hair without the need to wash the bed so much. This could save some stress washing and drying the bed, as well as ensuring the bed largely keeps your cat’s scent which is important if it is a real comfort item for them.

    How Much Do I Need To Spend?

    The price of a cat bed can vary anywhere from around £10 to closer to £100.

    This price can vary with style. Ones with a roof or removable sections may cost a bit more, and material can make a difference too. But do remember that if your cat does use the bed, it will hopefully be their lifelong sleeping place, so a good investment now could see you spending less long-term.