Orijen Regional Red - Economy Packs 2 x 13.5 kg

ORIJEN Regional Red dog food is made in Alberta Canada by an independent family-owned company from fresh Canadian ingredients. ORIJEN follows a new concept in pet nutrition biologically appropriate dry dog food. A biologically appropriate dog food matches the anatomy of the dog keeping in mind today´s modern lifestyle of regular feeding and less movement which results in a reduced caloric requirement. ORIJEN dog food is different from other pet foods Higher protein content from fresh meat Contains no cereals Few carbohydrates Rich in fruits and vegetables Herbs and probiotic bacteria to promote health More information about Orijen dog food High-Protein from Fresh Meats Dogs are naturally not vegetarians; their short digestive tract is designed to consume and metabolize a meat-based protein-rich diet low in carbohydrates. Dogs are very effective at utilizing protein as a source of energy. Only a meat-based food ensures the optimal health and vitality of your dog. Recent studies show that a higher protein content also has positive effects on kidney functions. Orijen Regional Red dog food contains at least 70% meat of human-grade consumption quality. Fresh Canadian lamb easily digestible proteins and fatty acids from animals raised on local farms Fresh Canadian bison meat light on the stomach and a provider of especially high-quality proteins provides B-vitamins and a broad range of essential amino acids especially low in fat Fresh Canadian wild boar and pork provides valuable iron for good blood circulation Freshly caught pollock high contents of activated omega-3 fatty acids (DHA EPA) for healthy skin and a glossy coat Fresh eggs from Canadian farms high-quality proteins lutein and zeaxanthin for doubly effective eye protection No Cereals Low Content of Carbohydrates Grain is used as a cheap source of caloric energy and protein in dog foods although dogs are simply not evolved to eat processed cereal grains. Biologically dogs only require a very small amount of carbohydrates. Numerous veterinarians consider grains in food as the source of a host of health problems including obesity diabetes and digestive problems. Healthy Fruits & Vegetables from Canada Apples provide plant fibres for healthy digestion and are rich in phyto-nutrients with antioxidant cell-protecting characteristics. Cranberries can prevent urinary passage problems and contain anthocyanins that improve sight reduce chance for infections and work to protect blood vessels. Spinach contains vitamins A and C as well as Lutein and Flavonoids which help protect cells and prevent cancer. Steamed Potatoes are highly nutritional and contain B-vitamins and vitamin C as well as minerals. Tomatoes contain healthy vitamins



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Hill´s Canine Light Adult with Chicken - Economy Pack 2 x 12 kg

Hill´s Canine Light Adult with Chicken - Economy Pack 2 x 12 kg

If your dog is getting a little plump Hill´s Canine Light Adult with Chicken can help. With lowered calorie and fat content it helps your dog to keep its weight down. It is a complete food which offers a comprehensive and balanced range of nutrients as well as excellent taste. Plus Hill´s antioxidant formula will protect your dog from any health risks. Hill´s Canine Light Adult with Chicken stands out for its low calorie and fat content and ensures that dogs between one and six years who are prone to being overweight keep their ideal figure. Contains 40% less fat and 18% fewer calories than Science Plan Adult Chicken Low fat content and plenty of dietary fibre means your dog stays slim yet fully satisfied without the need to reduce feeding amounts. Hill´s Canine Adult Light Chicken contains L-carnitine which helps to convert fat into energy and keeps your dog´s body lean Balanced nutrition and excellent taste for dogs prone to being overweight Hill´s Canine Light Adult with Chicken Dry Dog Food contains Hill´s unique Superior Antioxidant Formula which supports the immune system Promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat Hill´s dog food is made using high-quality easily-digestible ingredients which will give a bowl of Science Plan a much higher nutritional value than a bowl of normal pet food. So the cost of feeding your dog will be lower than you might expect! Kibble Please noteHill´s Canine Adult Light is NOT suitable for pregnant or nursing bitches.

James Wellbeloved Turkey And Vegetable Kibble Adult 10k Cereal Free

James Wellbeloved Turkey And Vegetable Kibble Adult 10k Cereal Free

James Wellbeloved Turkey and Vegetable is a cereal free complete and balanced dog food. It is hypo-allergenic with no unhealthy additives, wheat or gluten, diary products or egg, soya or cheap fillers. There are also no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, no beef or pork, just turkey.The succulent white meat goodness of turkey with the finest field vegetables, peas, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes all gently cooked then basted in turkey gravy. This food also includes linseed for a healthy glossy coat, seaweed and alfalfa for vitamins and minerals. Chicory improves digestion and encourages beneficial bacteria, all to help your dog absorb maximum nourishment from the food.James Wellbeloved is made in Britain with the finest natural ingredients and is ideal for dogs who suffer with senstive digestion or allergic skin irritations. Ingredients: Turkey meal, pea starch, potato granules, tomato pomace, whole linseed, turkey fat, turkey gravy, peas, alfalfa, carrot, natural seaweed, chicory pulp, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, D,L-methionine, lysine hydrochloride, threonine, glucosamine (275mg/ kg added), chondroitin (225mg/kg added)Contains: Min. 26% turkey, min. 26% vegetables, min 0.3% JW+.Typical analysis: Protein 21%, oil 10.5%, ash 7.5%, fibre 4.8% omega-3 fatty acids 1.0%, omega-6 fatty acids 1.8%



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