Science Feline Adult Chunks in Gravy Pouches 6 x 100g - Adult with Turkey Hill´s Science Plan Feline Chunks in Gravy Adult Pouches cat food in a handy freshness pouch contains especially tender chunks of meat in gravy. On top of this every bite of Hill´s Science Plan Feline Adult will supply your cat with a balanced diet full of exactly the right combination of vitamins and minerals for a long and healthy life. It is no coincidence that Hill´s is vets´ favourite cat food! Hill´s Feline Adult Tender Chunks in Gravy is also suitable for older cats. Whether Ocean Fish Chicken Beef or Turkey - every pouch contains the full aroma of a single portion in a handy sealed pack. So that it tastes as though only just prepared! Hill´s Science Plan Feline Adult pouches boast a unique recipe Hill´s Science Plan Immune Support Formula (ISF) a unique combination of antioxidants and vitamins to strengthen the immune system High proportions of vitamins C and E protect from cell damage and premature ageing for a long and healthy life An increased energy density covers the energy needs of the adult cat without the need to take in large volumes of food supporting your cat´s metabolism Incredibly tasty the excellent taste ensures high acceptance while different flavours provid

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