Rinti Pure 12 x 400 g Savings Pack - Turkey Rinti Pure is a complete meal that meets the dietary needs of dogs. This delicious meaty meal contains pure meat chunks and no grain or vegetable addatives. As the dog is a natural carnivore - its digestive tract is used to a diet of meat. It´s original diet included muscle meat and mineral rich innards. Dogs don´t need to get their energy from grains or carbohydrates because the fats and proteins contained in meat provides them with all the calories they require. So give your dog Rinti Pure Dog Food Contains real chunks of meat No processed meats No flavour enhancers No ground meat No grain – like with dry food No soya No colourings The meat in Rinti Pure dog food is prepared in low temperatures and carefully treated to lock in as much as possible of the natural goodness. That´s why Rinti Pure tastes freshly made. Rinti Pure is a meaty meal that contains everything your dog needs for a high quality diet – in a unique combination of meats enriched with vitamins and minerals. For a healthy diet a balance of unsaturated omega-3 and -6 fatty acids are recommended. Omega-3 fatty acids come in flax oil and omega-6 acids come in some meat parts. Important fibres found in plant by-products support digestion particularly in large and elderly dogs. Rinti Pure contains up to 67% meat. The other ingredients are made up of fibres oils minerals vitamins and water.

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