Almo Nature Megapack 48 x 70 g - 48 x Tuna & Shrimps (70g) Almo Nature cat food is made from natural and high-quality ingredients and offers your cat all the variety and authenticity that only a natural cat food can provide. Natural ingredients of a quality fit for human consumption Freshly caught sea fish - no farmed fish Real free-range meat - no hormones and antibiotics used in rearing Processed carefully using purely mechanical means the meat is cooked and cut entirely without chemical treatment to prevent the loss of nutrients The food is preserved in its own stock so that nutrients and taste are maintained Without additives of any kind whether chemical preservatives or other additives - especially loved by cats for its simplicity and authenticity Please note Almo Nature cat food is entirely natural. Every single flavour of Almo Nature wet food (tuna chicken salmon etc) contains its own proportions of vitamins minerals (e.g. calcium phosphorus) and taurine. Almo Nature therefore recommends a diet which is based on a variety of different natural foods (red meat poultry fish dry and wet food). The varying nutrient contents of this variety will ensure a balanced diet for your cat.

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