At PETZ, we love PETS. Do you need a snake by post? A guinea pig by DHL? An elephant by helicopter? How’s about a Tasmanian Devil by boat. The internet offers almost anything online these days and PETZ is here to offer online pet supplies and lots more to your door!

Cheap Online Pet Supplies At PETZ

Selling pets and animals online isn’t as easy as it seems. While it’s possible to dispatch a live animal, many pet owners will only turn to the internet for their weekly online pet supplies. Ensuring they have enough for their fish, cat and rabbit for the days ahead. PETZ gets!

When you buy in bulk, online pet supplies shops and retailers will often give a discount if you spend over a certain amount. It’s much easier to do your Pet shopping fortnightly or monthly and buy pet supplies online. Buy in ahead of time and you can save as well, not only on the effort of carrying it all back from the shop but on delivery too.

Discount Online Pet Supplies With Free Delivery

Often the most awkward part of the weekly shop for the family is the bulk items for the cats and dogs. The cat grit, the big bag of dog food, the three kilo bag of cat grit, pet toys, bones, cans of dog foods, packets of cat food and sawdust for the rabbit. It goes on and on.

At PETZ we have sourced local pet shops and online pet shops who offer discount online pet supplies and promotions to bring down the cost of your weekly pet shopping and ensure you stay as a regular customer. When an online pet shop is small or local they can often offer free delivery too.

Trade And Wholesale Online Pet Supplies

If you’re a zoo, then you will probably need more than a car boot full of animal feed and accessories to get you through a day let alone a week. There are specialist trade and wholesale online pet supplies shops for zoos, animal sanctuarys and other animal welfare businesses.


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